Andy is a Business Success Coach and Director at Know+Do Ltd. His career highlights include obtaining a plethora of coaching and leadership qualifications and delivering several large-scale projects, including conducting a four-year, £30m, multi-award winning project for Barclays Bank. As an inspirational and supportive part of our Freshwalks family, Andy is always a friendly face for those who need a little extra motivation on their hardest mile. You can learn more about Andy on his Linked In profile.


Tell us about your first Freshwalks?

It was August 2015… I normally take a day off on my birthday and go for a walk, so the timing was perfect. It was a great group and gorgeous weather.

How many have you attended?

I’ve been on 15-20 and loved every single one.


Why do you come back?

It reminds me to take some time out for me; it’s great fun walking with like-minded people and I love being in the hills. It also prompts me to unplug from time to time as well.

The individuals who you meet [at Freshwalks] are good fun and genuine people. It gets me talking to people I might not have otherwise met.

What’s your favourite route?

It would have to be Edale to Glossop because of the stunning views.

The something you always bring?

Gaffer tape and a flask.

Favourite Freshwalks memory?

There are too many [to choose from] as each walk brings another great memory. However, if I had to, the day it rained all day was memorable as everyone learnt that ‘waterproof’ doesn’t mean weatherproof.

Has Freshwalks led to any business or opportunity?

Yes, I’ve picked up a couple of clients that I’ve coached as a consequence of conversations shared on the walks. I’ve also connected other Freshwalkers with each other.

Recommend three people you have met on Freshwalks?

There are genuinely too many to mention, but I would pick Michael Di Paola as he never showcases himself and he always ensures a great group… and John Shinnick for his great stories and photos!

How does Freshwalks challenge typical networking formats?

Essentially you get to know the person and not their job title.

It’s nice to be out of the office and not dashing off at the end of a breakfast talk. It helps to switch people out of the corporate speak they can be trapped in sometimes.

Freshwalks is a combination of exercise, networking, sharing knowledge and thinking time. How do you balance those components?

I turn up to have a conversation and soak up the atmosphere; the conversation flows easily and people share thoughts. For me, networking means building relationships and not just selling straight away. Follow up afterwards with more business related conversations if they are needed. And don’t forget to dress right for the day, always.

Suggest one new place for us to go.

A short hop to Wales.

Sum up Freshwalks in three words.

Laughter, Friends, Views.