Alex_GoldreinAlexandra Goldrein is a Family Law Solicitor at Irwin Mitchell LLP. With an extensive background as a pensions lawyer, Alex has specialist knowledge of pensions and trust issues regarding the division of assets following a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership.

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Are you an adopted Mancunian or born and bred?

Adopted – I moved to Manchester 10 years ago when I married my Husband (a born and bred Mancunian).

What is your earliest memory of Manchester City Centre?

Going out in the Northern Quarter as a student. It’s a great night out!


What do you like most about attending Freshwalks City events?

There are so many people from different walks of life to meet and to talk to. The tours are interesting – led by the brilliant Sue McCarthy – and there is always something new to learn.

Have you learnt anything interesting about Manchester with Freshwalks City?

Every time I come to a Freshwalks event, I meet new people and learn different, interesting facts about the city of Manchester.

What’s your favourite building in Manchester – and why?

Manchester Cathedral.

This is one of the oldest buildings in Manchester. It has an extensive history that can be traced back to humble beginnings in the 7th century, before becoming a Cathedral in 1847. Having survived significant damage during both the second world war and the IRA bomb, the Cathedral has undergone extensive refurbishment several times over the past century, creating a lovingly preserved building that appears much more modern than it actually is.

The Cathedral has numerous little quirks inside, including the misericord wood carvings and bees on the roof!

What’s your favourite lunch venue for a business meeting?

The Royal Exchange.

Have you any ideas for themes or places where we could run a future walk?

Not quite the city, but on our doorstep we have Macclesfield Forest – a forest located in the East of Cheshire and part of the Peak District.

Manchester: summarise it in three words.

Vibrant. Bustling. Cultural.