Darren Nightingale is an Independent Financial Advisor at Cheetham Jackson. Passionate about being fair and ‘doing things right,’ Darren was drawn to his current employers for their fair rates and ethos to educate their customers in an industry known for being purposely confusing.

As a #FreshwalksCity regular and proud Mancunian, Darren is not only very knowledgeable about our city, but can be seen handing out advice over a steak sandwich or two! Get to know Darren at one of our events, or say hello to him on LinkedIn here.


Are you an adopted Mancunian or born and bred?

Born and bred in this amazing city!

What is your earliest memory of Manchester City Centre?

Going shopping for a pair of puma kings as a kid. They were the nicest pair of football boots I have ever owned!


What do you like most about attending Freshwalks City events?

It is completely different to any other networking event I have EVER been on. That is if you can call it networking… I find it is just a gathering of like-minded people who not only have a passion for walking but also learning about this amazing city we live in.

Have you learnt anything interesting about Manchester with Freshwalks City?

I loved learning about the castle in Castlefield and the roman wall, though it frustrated me to see the neglect of something which we should be preserving for generations to come! (Editor’s note: WE AGREE!!!!!!)

What’s your favourite building in Manchester – and why?

Simple: John Ryland Library. It’s steeped in history which shaped Manchester.

What’s your favourite lunch venue for a business meeting?

I love Beastro. It has a relaxed atmosphere and is somewhere I have even promised to take my kids.

Have you any ideas for themes or places where we could run a future walk?

I love Snowden. (Editor’s note: That may be one for a Freshwalks Weekend as I doubt we can fit that in a lunch hour!)

Manchester: summarise it in three words.

Home. Friendly. Revolutionary.