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August 28, 2018

Freshwalking in the City with… Kelly Gilmour-Grassam

Yorkshire girl Kelly is a Copywriter and Director of Making You Content Ltd, a Copywriting Agency based in Manchester. Since making the move from her farm roots in 2015, Kelly has drawn inspiration from her urban surroundings to create a name for both herself and her ever-growing business. Previously known for looking glamorous in the…

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August 28, 2018

Nutrition for Walkers: Step by Step by Jeannette Jackson

At Freshwalks, we take on a whole host of walking adventures: from easy rambles in the hills to challenging treks across difficult terrain… So, how should we prepare and fuel our body for this escape from the office? As a corporate stress resilience, nutrition and wellness expert, Jeannette Jackson was the obvious person for us…

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July 4, 2018

Freshwalking in the City with… Darren Nightingale

John Ryland Library

Darren Nightingale is an Independent Financial Advisor at Cheetham Jackson. Passionate about being fair and ‘doing things right,’ Darren was drawn to his current employers for their fair rates and ethos to educate their customers in an industry known for being purposely confusing. As a #FreshwalksCity regular and proud Mancunian, Darren is not only very knowledgeable…

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June 25, 2018

Freshwalking in the City with…. Alex Goldrein


Alexandra Goldrein is a Family Law Solicitor at Irwin Mitchell LLP. With an extensive background as a pensions lawyer, Alex has specialist knowledge of pensions and trust issues regarding the division of assets following a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership. Get to know Alex by attending one of our City Walks or say…

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February 13, 2018

Freshwalking with… John Knott

Pip the dog - John Knott of Zola

John is highly-experienced .net, MVC, SQL Server, Umbraco developer who specialises in information design. Zola Systems Limited, which John has been successfully running since 2002, specialises in creating systems that capture, analyse and present data in an easy to understand layout aimed at all user levels.   Our friendly techy is one of our most regular…

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January 26, 2018

Freshwalking with… Michelle Pratt

Michelle Prat -Freshwalks Wild - Fire Challenge

Michelle is a business trainer and coach who specialises in learning and management development for organisations of all sizes. Fed up of seeing training that feels great on the day but doesn’t have any long-term impact, Michelle set up Dive Deeper Development in 2015 to focus on interventions that create lasting behavioural change. After coming fourth…

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January 16, 2018

Freshwalking with… Katya Willems

Katya is a social media manager and photographer, specialising in food businesses. After working for ten years at the BBC in a variety of roles, Katya (who now freelances) works with a plethora of businesses, including: Cracking Wine, Olive Strachan Resources, The Cheeseyard, Mike Pye Marketing and Art Battle. Katya is also our reigning Queen…

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January 15, 2018

Six ways Freshwalks can improve mental health and wellbeing.

1. The natural feel-good drug The intense physical effort required for any of our walks releases endorphins to the brain which makes you feel good. The endorphins interact with receptors in the brain that reduces the perception of pain and creates a sense of euphoria. And of course, a Freshwalks outing pretty much guarantees an…

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January 4, 2018

Freshwalking with… Andrew Ramwell

Andy is a Business Success Coach and Director at Know+Do Ltd. His career highlights include obtaining a plethora of coaching and leadership qualifications and delivering several large-scale projects, including conducting a four-year, £30m, multi-award winning project for Barclays Bank. As an inspirational and supportive part of our Freshwalks family, Andy is always a friendly face…

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January 4, 2018

Freshwalking with… Barry Lowe

As the Founder and CEO of San-it Ltd, Barry has an extensive knowledge and experience in working with businesses to get the best from their IT. His determination and passion seem equally suited to Freshwalks as he is best seen rambling through even the toughest terrains with a massive smile on his face. You can find…

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