Marketing Executive

Daniella Russo

Daniella is a freelance marketing consultant and event planner, currently on a year out of education.

Whilst studying for a BA Marketing (Hons) at Nottingham Trent University, Daniella has also obtained diplomas in ‘Digital Marketing’ and ‘Innovation and Creativity in Marketing,’ CIM qualifications and a plethora of experience in supporting commerce on a small, localised scale to working with businesses internationally.

A fast-becoming regular to the Manchester networking scene, Daniella is always keen to grow her networks and is well-known for juggling an eclectic range of jobs: from marketing and proposal planning to teaching dance, pulling a pint and everything in between!

With six years in the health and fitness sector, Daniella has a deepened appreciation for the fitness benefits of Freshwalks and is a beaming advocate of all that we stand for: gaining creativity from her ever-changing surroundings and networking on the move wherever she goes.